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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Where the Fish? - LPR

Just went to LPR for a after lunch picnic. Didn't quite expect anything. Reaching there, weather was the "after the rain" sort. Field all muddy. I had never seen any PBs here, and today was no exception. The other catches I got were 2 tomans there some time ago.

Few people were there fishing as well. But the place was generally quite quiet. I cast about 20 times, and I gave up. Really like quite a bad spot for fishing here. Water quite shallow. No cover for fishes. So, the attempt was like quite fruitless.

There was an interesting episode of a bunch of monkeys coming down from the forest to steal the loaf of bread from the uncle beside me. When his back was turned, the leader rushed in and grabbed the bread and ran away. Man managed to chase after the monkeys to get his bread back. Quite funny actually.

Monkey came back and tried to target our bags. We had some fruits and durians that we brought to LPR. I took my rod and cast my lure at them to frighten them away. It worked and all scramble out of the path. Instead of fishing, I could have done luring for monkey :) If I really wanted, I believe should have been able to hit them. Might be fun. >:|.

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