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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Fishing the Low Tide - Six Pipes

It had been quite a boring day. I had to wait till 3pm before I could drive out with the car. But tide timing was quite wrong, and then was about the bottom of the low tide. I went Changi V for a quick bite, and to top up some fishing stuff. Driving towards east, since D wanted to cycle, we stop by Six pipes.

By the time we were there, the weather was already into the cool evening. After all, it was raining mostly in the afternoon. We picked a spot near some group of Malays and a chinese uncle. Chinese uncle packed up and left after a while. The place at that time was ready very nice for fishing, no hot sun and all that.

Since it was low tide, the pipes were all exposed. However, the water was still quite deep, as the jetty led out a distance from the beach, although not as long as Betty Jetty. I rigged up an apollo with small tiny hooks meant for whitings on prawn meat. That proved to be was quite a successful strategy for that time.

First cast, and I immediately got a hit with an spangled emperor. That lifted my confidence, and the fishing was looking not too bad. Few more cast, I had some bites, but no hook up. Then there was another catch of a tiny Pasir2.

15 minutes into the fishing, I got strong take, and even my line was pulling out of my Zauber a little. The fish surfaced and from the distance, it looked like a sicklefish. I was delighted, but on closer look, it was a very good sized Wahbee. (Silver Biddy). I had never seen a Silver biddy that big. So, it was really a good catch.

By then, the group of Malays were quite impressed and began chatting with me. One of them had earlier on had a catch of a good size Duri, and I helped him to remove the hook. After that, we were all quite friendly. I peeped into their pool of catches, and there were 2 1kg+ duri and some small catches of snappers and others.

I next got another good take with a strong pull. When it broke the surface, it was a small stingray. I snapped some pics and released it. They were all quite surprise that I would put it back. But it was a baby, and I thot the good thing to do was to let it go.

Fly past rehearsal during the fishing

After that, another Pasir2, and then that was it. Malay group had a very good catch of a Golden Trevally on Tamban Jig. Luckily I didn't comment on why they were using tamban jig. Quite a surprise that they were actually catching fishes by leaving it there.

My last catch was some branches, and since I had to go out with TC for another session, we packed and bidded the Malays goodbyes. From the looks of it, they would be camping there overnight.

TC came to pick me at 10pm and off we went to Ponggol Jetty to try out for squid. From my research, I "discoverd" that PJ was a squidding spot. Reaching there, I was quite shocked that the Jetty was filled with lots of people. There was even a big group right at the right end, completed with a ground sheet as a shelter. We picked a spot facing the bright light from the police spot shining into the water.

The water was clear, and from the strong MH light, we could see all the way to the bottom right to half the length of the Jetty itself. We rigged up and went about trying to hit some squids. But alas, the action wasn't there. Moved the jig left and right but nothing was touching it. I was using the Yamashita that I had just bought. Thinking to try some bottom fishing too, as I had some remaining prawn meat with me. I left the squidding rod with the squid jig in the water, and went about tying up an apollo at the lighted area, next to the police post. Not bad at all. There was even a table to work on :P.

After throwing out the line, I went back to attend to the squidding rod. When I reeled up the line, I thot that my jig had collected some rubbish at the end. Bringing it up halfway, I realized that it was in fact a very small squid. I let out a yell and happily landed the squid. Wanting to take some pics, I brought it to the lighted area. But the squid unsuspecting fired a load of water at me and caught me head on. Good thing I think it ran out of ink. (probably been caught for a while already). TC came over and snapped some photos, right next to the police post signage.

After a while, TC got bored and decided to call it a day. As my last attempt, I spied a mud crab crawling around the bottom and heading my way. I purposely located my squid jig on its path and when it went over it, I gave a jerk. Jig caught the crab squarely under it belly, and I managed to lift the crab out of the water. But alas, crab was too heavy and dropped back midway. Some folks saw it and gave a shout. At least I had witness. After that, I packed and we were out of the place around 12am. I thought that it was a promising place, except that perhaps the place was too noisy and crowded today, hence squids all hiding.

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