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Sunday, July 01, 2007

LSR and Labrador Grouper hunting

I was to meet up with Andrew to get his GNH. The convenient place was to do so at LSR, my usual spot after D's swimming lessons. Given the last few fruitless trip, I was hoping to get something good today. But the last few times here, wasn't very productive. Seemed like the PBs all moved to another location after the boating activities started.

This morning, it was beginning to look to continue the trend. As usual, there were a couple of others fishing as well. To my right, was a man doing baiting. I rigged up my yellow middive and cast out. On cast 3, snagged! Argh. After all the effort to save it yesterday, I eventually had to lose it. The snag was quite a distance from the bank, and not possible to recover. Line snapped and that was the end of it. Disappointed, I re-rigged with my pink humbug. This lure, only got me a baby toman before.

Cast and cast again. But like nothing was happening. However, I finally saw some small PBs swimming near to the rocks here me. That was a good sign. Today was quite windy, and looked like rain. But the rain didn't come and it was actually quite breezy and nice. But cast with my BC was quite a challenge due to the wind. I got birdnest a few times, but nothing very serious.

Just when I was getting quite discouraged and reeling back my lure. About 2metres away, a PB came out of nowhere and gulped my lure. It looked stunned for awhile when it discovered it was not the good meal it was expecting. There was this comical moment when I looked at it and it looked at me. Recovering from the daze, I gave a slight jerk and had him hooked for good. When it realized that it was caught, it gave some fierce thrashing and tried to escape. But the hook up was solid, and I soon got him up on the ground. The guy next to me congratulated me on my catch. 5 minutes later, he got a PB too around the size of the one I got. :). Baiter was still zero. keke.

Andrew and Elyn came back and we had a good chat. P2 was as usual, his naughty self. He had had his hair cut and looked more mischievious than usual.

Since I had no ice, we left the place to pass the fish to A's friend. I had wanted to release it, but T wanted to have it. Well, not everyone got a chance to have PB for dinner.

The weather being so nice, we decided to head to Labrador for a picnic. We headed towards the left side of the Park, where you could see WTC from there. In fact, StarCruise past by on the way out. I had gotten the PowerBaits in MY, and wanted to try it out. I was advised to use the twister on a rock bund to get groupers. That sounded like a good idea, and I wanted to test it out. The rockiest place in my mind was Labrador Park. That place, was a challenge to fish if you were using a short rod.

Texas Rig

Grub with tail bitten off

My first cast was promising. I realized that I had to the presentation weedless, otherwise it would snag for sure. The rocks here, was pretty merciless. I had used the white grub, and when it came back, a small tiny fish fell off and landed on the rocky slope. I didn't have my camera with me as D used it to play games. I climbed over to pick it up and found it to be a tiny wrasse. Wow. I didn't want to leave it there to die and I took it and threw it back into the sea, where it came from.

Someone at the left end of the Park got a good size Grunter on his surf casting set. Not bad. At first, I thought he as pulling back seaweed as there wasn't a fight.

After a few cast, snagged. No choice changed another. Once the tail got bitten off. I alternated between the charteuse color (transparent lime green) and the white one. It seemed that the white one was more effective. But the lime green one was bigger and better suited my worm hooks. Still, the lime green one also had the tail bitten off. Hmm, like not bad, this gulp.

However, I lost more hooks and sinker than I cared to count. The tide was going down, and soon, the rocks were too exposed to do any more Grouper fishing. I packed and went home defeated. But it was a good first try, and I would be back for more.

Hooks bent after the fight. But the hooks were quite soft anyway.

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