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Saturday, June 30, 2007

New place - Laman Tasik

Had to do car servicing today, and popped into JB before 7am, being a Sat. But strangely, the traffic was very heavy today, and I actually pass the checkpoint after 7am. Was worried that the police would start booking us for overshooting the allowed OPC timings. But there were lots of OPC cars in the same dilema.

Servicing was rather quick today, at my request. By 10+am, it was already done. I recced around Tm. Molek area for a little while, and chanced upon this "Laman Tasik". Tasik, I think was the malay term for pond or something. The area looked like a garden, and was quite nicely done up. We walked a little, and didn't see any "No fishing" sign. I eagerly grabbed my rods, and setup at the area far from the main crowd.

There were 2 children fishing. One with a cheap rod, and one with a wooden pole tied with string. They were using small worms, and in their pail, was a small peacock. They said it was a Jepun.

I thought that was quite promising and started to cast out my lures. Weather was overcast, but for some reasons, I was perspiring. The children must had been impressed with this uncle with his high tech fishing gear. But I cast after cast, nothng was biting. Quite embarassing. The children at least did better.
One cast, my lure got snagged on a wood branch and when I tighten the drag, the line snapped. But it was quite close to the banks, just about 3 metres away. I ignored it for a while and changed to my pink humbug. But that also didn't do any good.

After some 50-100 cast, I gave up. I did saw some small fishes chasing my lure, but they were too tiny. The idea of leaving my yellow middive here wasn't too acceptable, especially when it was within plain sight. I thought of the idea of tying my 2 rods together to get an effective length of more than 3m. I could just barely touch the lure with this filmsy rig. One attempt, the rod tip got stuck with the lure, and I was in this precarious position of not being able to move back, and not being able to move forward. But luckily, it disengaged and I got try again. After a few attempts, I managed to shake the lure free, and viola! I got it back. :)

We had some drinks and left the place to proceed for our JB shopping. Even though no luck, it was a good tryout in a brand new place. It just occured to me..I had been fishless for quite a long time already. My last catch was the squid at Dayang. Hmm...

Snow Wash on the way back

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