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Friday, June 15, 2007

Day Off Luring at LSR

It was back to LSR for a quick luring exercise. Today, I had to walk being a normal weekday. From Khatib MRT, it was quite a distance. I would put it at 1Km from the Jetty. Reaching there, the weather was nice and cool at around 4+pm. Water was murky, and I was hauling up lots of weeds. Tried out my 2 new river2sea lures, the yellow middive, and the yellow crankbait. Crankbait action was kind of weak, and didn't have any takers. The Middive also didn't work today. After 1/2 hour, no action at the Jetty. Only once saw a lethargic PB coming to sniff at my lure.

Moved to the boating area, cast and cast. Again, pulling in lots of weeds. Saw a man using live catfish for Tomans at the boat jetty. PBs all not around. Where the hell they gone to? 6pm, gave up, packed and go.

Had been fishless for the last 3 consecutive sessions. :(

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