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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Day Off Fishing at SAFYC


Monitor Lizard

I was on a whole stretch of leaves as I needed to look after D, as A headed back home. I thought today to be a good opportunity to fish during the weekdays, something that I didn't get to do often. Morning, tide was around 10am. D and I had a quick breakfast and headed down to Admiralty West, which was just near to my house.

I had been here a few times, and during the high tide, there would quite a bit of bait fish activities around. One could see lots of mullets and half beaks around. Just beyond my casting distance, there would be big patches of ripples of bait fishes moving around. I tried to use "shakey worms", as D would call it. Basically, just a soft plastic on jighead. However, first one, throw and got snagged the first cast. Throw a few more times, need to snapped off the line. Rigged another one, throw and got snagged again. In the end, gave up. Use my tiniest lure that I got from Japan. Lure action looked good, but no effect. Nothing. Only spied quite a few monitor lizard hanging around the edge. Interesting.

At night, I packed up my fishing gear and headed for SAFYC. Just wanted a comfy place for fishing, since D would have to accompany me. I parked my stuff and setup. But strangely, the Tackle shop man didn't come to ask for the fee. I had thot that maybe tonight was free. But fat chance...he came around just when I was about to go. He said he was waiting for me to "register" at the shop. The way he said it, it was as if I was trying to cheat. Hmm...not too happy about it. He was generally a nice man, but he kind of eyed me suspiciously, few times asking if I had thrown the hooks on the floor (which was left by some earlier anglers). Think this would be the last time that I would come here. The fishing wasn't too great anyway.

Throughout the night, no action. Few sparse bites. All in all, quite a boring night. Nothing interesting. Around 11.30pm, I packed. D by then was already quite tired.

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