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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Small fish action - Lab Park

I think today I solved a great mystery of life. That of: What has been eating my bait in Lab Park when I go there fishing, before getting my lines snagged in the merciless rocks. After D swimming lessons, tide was a good timing at about 2.30pm. So natuarlly, good for an afternoon spot of fishing. But the problem was (and a big one), it would be too darn hot. Lab Park seems to fit the bill for a shady and comfortable place. Only if I don't get snagged, that is.

Reaching there at around 11.30am, the rocks were all exposed. I thought of fishing near at the Park end, near to the Jetty. From the low water, there was a section where the rocks were quite sparse. From that angle, I could cast near to the Jetty at the mid section. Also from the low water, I could see where the algaes were growing. Not a bad place I would say.

I rigged up a size 8, small hook apollo and baited with some prawn meat from yesterday's leftovers. First cast, already got bites. But pulling up the lines, baits all gone. I did some experiment, and I found that the baits were eaten up in 10-20 secs flat after the rig hit the water. That was some mightly fast action. My suspicions were that there must be very small fishes that were doing that. I changed the rig to a size 3 tamban jig, and baited with prawn meat again. This time round, same bites, but I managed to catch the culprit. Pulling up the line, a Wrasse. I was to go on to get a few more, 1 of which was a fairly big one (Seagrass Tuskfish). No wonder I couldn't even get these fellows on a size 8 hook. Their mouths were super tiny, and even a size 8 wouldn't fit.

I also did a spot of experimentation with grubs. With my apollo rig, I pinched 2 white grubs on it and lure it back and forth. But unfortunately, nothing at all.

At the end of the session, I counted 6 in total. I also got a silvery fish, but the lead weight got snagged at the sea wall. I yanked it free, but the fish fell off and dropped on the sea wall to roll back to the sea. Lucky bugger. Couldn't quite ID the fish, but it looked like a Gelema.

Andrew gave a tinkle and asked to go for Shermaine's WuShu competition at Toa Payoh. We packed and met him there. There was a drinks machine featuring a "mystery" drink. My curiosity was piqued, and I slotted coins for one. Out came a Marinda Orange. :)

Wushu comp was interesting, and there was an outstanding girl that scored 9.5/10. Fantastic. Another highlight was a tiny boy (Looked P3), and he did a very impressive combo of Kungfu stance. I think he scored like 8 or there about.

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