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Saturday, August 04, 2007

Recce - Helipad

Golf course


I had read about this secret fishing spot, known as the Helipad at Tanjong Rhu. It was also notorious for a Gay hangout, sometimes known as the Gay beach. I think this was about the only spot that I had not discovered in Singapore. After some digging around, here was what I found. For people driving there, the car could park at the golf course near to it ie Marina Golf Course. Of cos, I had not been there before, since I not into golfing. But this was a driving range. So, it was quite a good find to enter the Golf Course and find that one could just drive in like this. There wasn't any security post requiring to see membership card. Parking was convenient and free, and there was even a cafe for a quick drink and bite.



But luck was not with me. All around the golf course, the place was closed for construction so tightly that there was totally no way to walk in. We tried a few entry points, but all were barricaded by metal fences. I even went round the condo at Tanjong Rhu, but there was just no possible way. The way via East Coast Park, I hadn't tried. But given the zestlessness of the lock down, I wouldn't be surprised that it was covered as well.

Nice fishing spot. Problem is..where to park?

Here also barricaded

But the exploration brought me to realize that just round the condo, it was quite a nice spot for fishing. Difficult thing was the Parking: all double yellow lines around. Another thing was that now the water quality would be quite bad. Not likely to have many fishes here anymore due to the construction work to dam up the whole place and turn it into a fresh water reservoir. Well, in future, this might just be a good spot for PBs.

No fishing

I gave up on the attempt to touch down on the Helipad, and moved away to CV for dinner. Along the way, while crossing the bridge, I saw quite a school of small fishes nibbling at the rocks. (I think they were mullets). Tempted, I rigged up my rod with small hooks and got some prawn meat. But it wasn't effective. I think mullets don't go for prawn meat. Then A pointed out that there was no fishing allowed. Quite surprised, and I looked and it was true. There were No Fishing signs on both sides of the bank. Darn, another spot gone. I gave up and packed, and then proceeded for dinner. Why why why?

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