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Friday, September 28, 2007

Lost Squid - PJ

Seeing that tonite was a good tide at around 11pm+, I decided to do a little squidding at PJ. The last time, I was there with TC. It wasn't too productive, but I had gotten a tiny weeny squid.

Tonite being a friday nite, I wasn't expecting the Jetty to be crowded. But it was occupied by a bunch of angler friends. They had setup themselves on the end of the Jetty, completed with lights. Looked like they would be there till the morning.

I rigged up a single squid jig and only took that from the car. A and D settled themselves next to the police post, where it was brightly lit. Since the ends were occupied, I just squidded around the aisle.

As the jig dragged across the floor, there were many confusing taps on the lure, due to the shallow water. The jig was probably rubbing against the sandy floor. But one thing good, the bottom wasn't too snaggy, although some particular area, got some stones.

10 minutes into the squidding, I got a solid take. I wasn't too sure but the lines felt loaded. It might just have been rubbish. But pulling up, there was indeed a normal sized squid. It did the usual squirting of water. But when I lifted it up barely 1 feet, the tentacles slipped from the hooks and it splashed back into the water. My jig umbrella hooks must be quite blunt already. Maybe I should stop using this pink Yamashita. So far, it had produced nothing.

Thereafter, I guessed for the next hour or so, totally nothing. Suddenly, for some reasons, mosquitoes started coming out to attack us. I had a few bites, and I was worried that D might be bitten. Hence, around 10.30pm, I packed up and decided to leave the place. far, not very lucky with this PJ for squids. Squidding in Singapore really tough.

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