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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Lost Peacock - Kranji

It was a very hot day, and not suitable for any form of fishing. I took the opportunity to turn on my GPS and went recceing around Tuas. Following the map, I hugged all the places near to the sea. Unfortunately, most of the areas were blocked by industries and even fenced up at lots of places. But I came to this place around Tuas Ave 8, and there was a good opening where fishing was possible. Coming down from my car to have a look see, indeed there were lots of people fishing under the bloody hot sun. Quite interesting. However, I wasn't quite keen to fish in the West due to the heavily polluted waters. Didn't think I would want to eat any fishes that I might catch.

Heading towards home, I decided to detour to Kranji for a spot of luring exercise. It had been a while, and I need to refresh my skills. Reaching there, and hiding under the shade, it was good fun for a while.

I had rigged up my yellow middive and was casting like more than 10 times without any effect. Water was very green with algae, and visiblity must be terrible for the fish. Hence, I needed to use something bright. At the end of the reservoir where the weeds were, I thought it was the potential area for this place.

And true enough, on my 15th or so cast, something took my lure about 20 metres from the bank. My heart throttled into fast gear, and did a merry jig. I straighten the line to make a good strike. But before I could do that, the fish was faster. It swam forward and jumped out of the water like a little marlin and did a head thrash. And my lure was spat out and disconnected. Arggh! In that brief moment, I could see that it was a sizable specimen of more than a kilo and was all red and orangey all over. What a beauty!

With the fish gone, I quickly cast out again hoping to interest it once more. But fat hope, lure came in too slow and got snagged on the rocky bottom. What luck. I took out my lure retreiver and sent in down and jig the line together. But line somehow broke, and lure was history. With a line tied to the retreiver, I tried to sink it around that area hopefully to pick up the lure. But that was a bad idea. Lure retriever also got stuck and got swallowed by the rocks.

After that, I didn't have any more bright colors. I picked out my gold orange x-rap and tried a while. But somehow, that color was wrong. Meant more for clearer waters. I changed to a shakey worm on a charteuse color. But it didn't wrong either. Next to my salt water crystal minnow. Nope, didn't work.

Seeing the hopeless situation and time was up, I packed and proceeded home. However, I was thankful for that brief show of a catch. It was the first peacock I had seen around here. Too bad that I couldn't get a picture of that.

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