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Friday, February 01, 2008

East Coast Park D1

Patrick introduced me to a favourite spot of his, where he had gotten a ChaoXi before. Well, ChaoXi (sickle fish) was one of the long list of fishes that I had yet to get, so that ought to be interesting.

The place was a little off Macdonalds, and it was pitch dark. But luckily, Patrick had a powerful battery operated lamp, so it was quite managable. Myself, I came equipped with my surecatch cap light, which helped with all the knot tying etc. The place was a bit damp, from all the rain that fell during the day.

Spot was already occupied by some 4 anglers, which were all equipped with chairs. One was even on a wheel chair. :O. From the darkness, I saw they were playing float, with live prawns. Probably going after KBLs. Well, in the whole hour or so, I didn't see any action.

A grunter

A mixed kind of Kelong Chi.

Patrick was surfcasting with his holiday spin, and did manage to get some smallish fishes initially. But after the 3rd fish, the spot got quiet and nothing else was showing. I was just throwing out my Yamashita squid jig and "trawling" the shallow ground as the water was low due to the low tide. I next changed to a luminous grub, but also nothing.

After an hour or so, we all got hungry and went to burger king for a bite. Fishing could really make you hungry ;)

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