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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Admiralty West Zero

This afternoon, I had online chat session for my class, so couldn't go anywhere. After the chat, it was already 5+pm. So, thot of just doing a quickie at the back of the house. This time, trying the spot that is nearer to the causeway itself. From there, could see heavy buildup of traffic, not uncommon at this time.

I used the fish meat from yesterday's catch. But from the looks of it, it didn't look too fresh. True enough, no fishes were touching the bait, although I see lots of small fishes jumping around the water. Furthermore, the area nearer to the structure was so dirty, that when I lifted the rig up, the bait turned black with oily substance. Yucks. And I kept pulling up plastic bags after plastic bags. No wonder the rest of the fishing people were further up, nearer to the jetty side.

After an hour, I gave up and packed. Around then, there were lots of people around me. I thought they must be like waiting for the causeway jam to subside. Anyway, even my trusty light tackle wasn't getting anything at all. So, no point to carry on. Went to show that the freshness of the bait was important, else can forget about fishing.

Sigh. Bad fishing weekend.

[Afternote: Darn...came home and discover that my cheap all in one camera was missing. Could it have been stolen while I was fishing???.....]

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