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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Changi Beach

Another "better finish assignment or else" day. I had two to complete and had wanted to do all 2 together but decided to wrap up at 1. The amount of work to do was just too much. So, needless to say, needed some fishing to destress. But the weather was turning bad, with dark clouds all across. Too bad. High tide was almost exactly at three. Originally intended to fish behind my block, but given the rain, no chance. Drove out and decided to head for changi village to get bait.

Upon reaching there, surprisingly, there was no rain in that region. I thought to try out the changi beach area, just behind the changi point ferry terminal where I got my ribbon before. That place is a beach front, and this would be the first time I would be fishing from the beach.

The area wass nice and clean and not crowded. About some 200 metres away, I could see many surf casting rods all lined up. Might be better action further up. But since D wanted to play sand and I had promised her since last week, this place would do.

I got some live prawns and a pack of worms. My big tackle didn't have much luck and dragged in alot of sea weed. I decided to do more of the small rod, and not too long after I cast, I hooked on a fish. As I was pulling in, the fish felt strong. When it is out of the water, this one is quite the "giant" of all sillagos that I had caught before. It is about 2 plam size. Not bad for my first time here. I tried to keep it alive in my small pail, thinking maybe to keep it in the tank. But after about an hour, it turn topside down. Well, decided to CnK (catch and kill) and put it into the icebox. Thereafter, no more luck with the light tackle. Shore fishing need to cast far to go further from the wavy water near the beach. I just couldn't throw far enough. I guessed I must had been lucky with the first fish.

It was starting to get darker around 6 and I thot to fish somewhere else since I still have quite a fair bit of live prawns. But on the way, I decided to head home. It is low tide anyway...not much places that would be good for low tide fishing.

The fish was fried and smelled good as I was writing this. :)

[Pic quality is poor due to it being taken with my camera phone. Too bad about my portable camera that I had that was stolen]

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