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Saturday, July 08, 2006

BJT Revisited

After the last 2 zeros, I was beginning to lose confidence in my fishing skills. Today, decided to go back to BJT (Bedok jetty), place where I had the good chance to land my biggest fish ever. Since the last time, it has been awhile. Nothing much had changed, the place was still clean and nice, and very crowded. I parked myself about 1/3 of the way of the jetty.

I had up my loomis, my light tackle, and my Rapala, all rigged for bottom fishing. Light tackle was as usual on tamban hooks. But what do you know, no action again. Even my light tackle wasn't catching anything. Usually that would mean that there wasn't any bait fishes around....much less for big ones. Water was very choppy, due to strong wind. Such circumstances, fishing usually would not be good, as I have observed.

I had a little shock with my newly bought Yozuri shrimp hunter. This little bugger, costed me around $18, and I just got it from HotSpot. I tried it out and on one of the throws, it got stuck and wouldn't come undone. I was quite desperate as this thing wasn't cheap at all. It struck me that maybe the lure retriever would work. I had gotten this retriever gadget long time ago, but it had never did help to retreive any lures for me. But nothing to lose, I slided it on the line and hoped for the best. After a few violent thrust, it actually worked! Goodness, that was a very close shave. Well, that 5 something of a retreiver earned my money back.

Midway, I got a little lucky and brought up 1 silver sillago. Well, that gave a little confidence back to my wounded ego and I continued trying, using up all my prawns and sarong worms. However, no luck thereafter. Towards the end, D told me that further up the jetty, people were catching tambans. Well, I took my light tackle and moved to the end of the jetty and tried to get myself some tambans. However, no luck, as my sabiki was baited. I think tambans wouldn't touch the tamban hooks if it was baited. Heaving a sigh, I gave up. I proceeded to pack and headed for home.

On the way out, I bumped into Yinncheah with her bunch of friends. However, at that time, I was quite exhausted (around 1am) and didn't have the brain juice to make good talk. Since she was with friends, I just made some passing remarks, said my bye byes and made my way home. But actually, I should have spoken more to her and asked about her job now. Well, maybe there will be another time.

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