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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Car Park 5 Medium Catch

Was another assignment weekend. But managed to get it done and started on my new module. So, came 3pm, time for rest and recreation. But it was raining cats and dogs, so I headed for Changi V first, to get bait and wait out the rain. But to my surprise, it wasn't raining in the east. After getting the bait, I decided to try out Car Park 5 again, hoping to get the last seat near the jetty.

Luckily, the seat was available. The weather was not bad, a little sun but nothing blazing. The wind was quite strong, and the water current was quite fast. I setup all of my four rods, trying out various combination. For the light tackle, I used fish meat and another brand of sabiki hooks. (cheaper than the usual $1.50). For the big game rod, I tried cable car rig with live prawns. For my rapala, I tried a running sinker rig with prawns on Mustad circle hook. And my luring rod (regno plus), I tried a little of luring.

For the first hour, totally no action. The tide was going down. I waited for a while, and almost wanted to pack up and move to another place. Not a good sign when the light tackle was not even picking up anything. Just as I was about to do that, my rapala rod twitched a little. Hm, I run over and strike it. But I wasn't too sure if there was anything. Suddenly, I felt a strong twitch. The sensation was quite clear, and it felt like a big fish. As I reeled back, I saw this big clump of algae. I thought I was mistaken until and saw the leader line hooked on to a big looking fish. Wow, not bad...on closer inspection, it was a usat, but quite a big one. It was quite heavy and I had to set the drag quite high to bring it up. I wasn't too sure if my line could take it, so I lifted it up to the floor behind the railings. With another attempt, I managed to get it over the fence. It was bleeding all over and there was blood oozing out. I tried to get out the hook, but it was taken very deep and I had to cut the line. When I weighed it at home, it was about 800g.

Further down the shore, someone caught something and when he got the fish up, it was an eel. Quite a big one, looking just like a snake. A was all squemish about it. I had not gotten an eel before and I thought it quite interesting. I packed up all my rods and left the light tackle to finish up the bits of fish meat. For about 1/2 hour, there was no more action, and I changed the bait for good measure. To my surprise, after casting, I did get something. On reeling back, it was an eel, but a very small one. Well, wish granted. After photos, I rebaited the hooks again, this time using dead prawn meat. After about 10 minutes, another hookup. And another eel, but a different colored one. This one is a little longer.

Around 6.30pm, I had enough and decided to call it a day. The tide was already going down anyway. Not too bad for a short evening of fishing. The usat would be my 2nd biggest fish ever. I was hoping for something better...but better than nothing. Cats have affinity to me.

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