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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Ponggol 17 and Safra Club

Went back to Ponggol 17 today to try my luck again. Got there around 11.30am, after D's swimming. Seemed to have lesser people today, and high tide was to be at 3pm. Weather was hot like hell, and I got a very lobster red tan after about 3 hours there. Fishing was poor and there was no action at all, for everyone along the row. At 2.30pm, I had enough of the dosage of UV, and decided to move somewhere else.

I drove back to Changi V to replenish my bait. Get got another pack of sarong worms for convenience. From there, I was thinking of fishing around the area, but the place was packed with the sunday crowd. I drove away and thought maybe I should try tanah merah canal again. But when I got there, there was this stupid car parked right in front of the entrance. Seeing that there were cars behind me, and I was then blocking the whole road, I drove away and tried another place.

Near to the the canal, there was another road into some sort of club (safra club). I had never tried that place before. I went in to take a look, and the place looked great. But problem was, there wasn't any place to park. I turned out and drove away, maybe heading for East coast area. But half way, just next to the laguna club, there was another canal that looked good. But there was already a malay couple fishing there, and the space was limited. I decided to turn back to the safra club and see if there was any chance of a parking space.

When I was there again, an earlier space taken by another car was empty just near to the gate to the club. I tried my luck and parked there. I was testing to see if the guard would come and shoo me away. But he didn't. So, I unloaded all the stuff and went about trying the place.

The place was very cooling was lots of shade. By the canal, there was another family fishing. But from the looks of it, they didn't have any luck. The water was very choppy due to the strong wind. I didn't think that the fishing would be good. When I got my rod up, I could see it moving alot, but it was due to the strong current. D found the place rather fun, as there was a "sand mountain" and sea shells for her to pick.

Beside my light tackle, I rigged up a bottom rig with my rapala. But still no luck. I took out my luring rod (the shakespeare) and tried some luring. It had been awhile since I lured. I had these minnows that I got the last time that I hadn't gotten it wet yet. But no luck with luring too.

Midway, I got lucky and my light tackle was jerking strongly. I reeled in, and there was this tripod fish (Short-nosed Tripodfish). What a relief, broke my zero. After another 15 minutes, the rod jerked a little. I reeled in and found a plastic bag...and beside it, a small tiny pink ear emperor (but this one got a black spot..not so sure) [edit:Spangled Emperor]. Both fish were released after photos. But the pink ear, it got hooked in the eye, poor thing.

I left the place about 6.30pm. By that time, already very exhausted from a long day of fishing. Not good catch, but at least, no zero.

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