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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Boring Cats

Today, went to bottle tree again for comfortable and near fishing. Wanted somewhere where D can blade or play with her scooter. This time, I taught D how to cast a spinning rod and she did managed a few good throws. We got the usual catfishes, glass fish, couple of tripods and 1 sillago. But it was my most boring fishing ever. Same old fishes, after a while, it gets unchallenging. Still no luck at all on my regular rod. But today, I tried something different, by using market sotong as bait. Actually it worked just as well. Live prawns would have been a waste. No pics for today as nothing new to show.

A very friendly mother and little son came to look at our fishes and were so impressed with our catches. I told her some of the names of the fishes and they looked attentively on how we baited the hooks and unhook the fishes. :). Malay family came and setup beside us. Also very friendly, and asked about our catches. Seems that here have lots of catfishes. A man on bicycle said he saw us a few times. Friendly chap, and wanted to show us a video of someone catching a big catfish the other day. I didn't see it cos I had to go attend to my rod.

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