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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Car Park 5

Spent the whole morning cracking my head for my assignment. I was duly exhausted by 2pm and needed some fishing relaxation for myself as a reward. Headed for changi today as I was around the area. High tide is midnight today, but I couldn't fish till then as I had to wake up early tomorrow for a drive up to Malaysia with some forum friends. So, I had to find somewhere that is fishable during the low tide. Changi car park 5 seems to fit the bill and I got myself there around 5pm+, after a hearty dinner at Changi V.

I parked myself to the very end in front of the SAF jetty. There is a sign there saying no fishing 20 metres from the fence. Well, the last seat next to the jetty was around 20 metres, so ok. I setup my rod and stuff, under the scrutiny of the army guards (with rifles) and a policeman there

By the end of the day, I got a few catches on my light tackle. My loomis rod got a 3 bites (bells were ringing) but I couldn't strike any fish up. Quite a good sign. My first fish is a very decent nasi lemak kind of fish. I like :)[Afternote: Common Silver Biddy, Slender Mojarra]. My second fish was a oriental sillago. Hmm, been some time since I had gotten this. Good, no cat fish. But what do you know, my next fish is a cat fish. But this particular cat has got an eel like tail. [Afternote: Black Eeltail Catfish] A different variety. A said it was good to eat. Oh well. My last 2 was the Pink ear emperor that I got from taneh merah before. Not bad.

Towards the end, someone came and park himself between me and the fence. Kind of inconsiderate, as he will surely cross my line being so near. Hey, I thot no fishing within 20 metres of the fence?? I saw the guard walking to the man, but he didn't say anything. He set up his rod and casted very near to my spot. I retreived my line and for his sake, cast straighter out towards the sea. Previously, I was trying out the spot nearer to the bottom of the jetty. Unfortunately, I ended up crossing my line with my heavy rod. After struggling to untangle my line, I decided to stop and wanted to pack. Man at the fence now suddenly got approached by the policeman on duty. He had a few words with him, probably to tell him that there is no fishing allowed there. :). The man then packed and moved somewhere else. But by that time, my line was too tangled up and I sniped it off and decided to go home.

I gave my remaining prawns to the malay guys at the chair next to me. Well, they were very friendly after that.

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