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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Fishing in My Backyard

Just "discovered" this spot. I would sometimes take a long route on the way home along admirality road via this small lane that is just along the north coast, next to the causeway bridge. It is a rather quiet place and the view from here to see Malaysia and the jam at the bridge is actually quite good. Previously, the shoreline along here was quite dirty and I had never thought that it would be suitable to fish from here.

But on my latest detour here, I noticed that they had "cleaned" up the place. Now, there is a new cemented walkway along the coast with a proper sea wall and railings. Hey, not too bad at all. The few times I passed by, the water actually looked quite clean.

Today, I decided that I would give this place a try. It is so near to my house. In fact, walk over is also quite feasible. (think it is less than 500 metres). I reached here around 3+pm and the tide was already going down. But no matter, as the water was still quite reasonably high. I setup a floating rig and casted away with my prawns. Water, from the looks of it wasn't too bad. Not choppy, small guess is that it was quite suitable for a good outing. However no takers for my prawn on my floating. I setup another rod for bottom rig, with prawns too. But the place is a little snaggy. Few times, hooks got stuck on something, lost a few sinkers and hooks. All through the afternoon, no takers for the prawns. But from the view on top, I could see alot of small baitfishes.

Much ado about nothing, I setup my light tackle rig with sabiki jigs and baited it to try to just catch something. As expected, I managed to catch a small fish. It was later identified as a Glass Perchlet. Not bad, as I have not caught this fish before. A few moments later, another one got hooked up. Just as I was wondering if there are bigger fishes around, I sighted a table size fish swimming rather near the shore. Wow, it looked quite decent if I could catch it. But unfortunately, when I tried to reel back my floating rig, it got stuck. While I was fighting with my stucked line, it just swam away.

The place looked quite promising, just that today wasn't quite my lucky day. Will definitely give it another try again. Maybe the area nearer to the jetty would be better.

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