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Friday, May 26, 2006

Singapore River

It had been quite a while since I fished due to the busy weekend. Today, I had a off day and needed to scratch the itch. I was actually planning to head down early to tanah merah but due to D having to see the teacher in school, by the time we set off, it was already past the high tide. I thot to do a simple session at Api Api again, since the last time wasn't too good.

We packed lunch and got there around 1pm. By that time, the water was already receding. Nevertheless, I setup the rods and casted away with some prawn meat that I got from the market. (no choice, didn't want to run to changi v to get live prawns).
Today being a Friday, the place was really quite empty except for a man doing crabbing. But just a few minutes into the fishing, the sky turned dark and was threathening to rain. Remembering the last incident, I decided to pack and go. Anyway, the mood wasn't there.

So, the plan was changed to fish at night. From the forum, saw that someone had caught a nice grouper at Singapore River. Hm, that sounded interesting, so I decided to give it a try.

Reaching there, I parked at the OUB carpark. I was dressed in my usual shorts and certainly looked out of place in such a up market area. We went for dinner at the hawker centre nearby and proceeded to get the gear to fish by the big iron bird.

The place was nice, with many a couple walking around, sitting on the sea wall, enjoying the atmosphere and the scenery. Everyone stared at me, the funny guy with a fishing rod. Well, that was understandable, as I was the only one fishing there.
When I first cast off my float with my lighted stick, the people around cheered, having never seen such a sight before. :)

The water was pretty choppy due to the boats coming and going. I was sure that my live prawns got a headache from all the see sawing waves. Once I almost fished a boat as I threw too close to a boat within my path of my projectile. Luckily, it just landed right beside the boat. :P The boats stopped operating around 11pm and from then, the water was calmer and more condusive for fishing. However, throughout the whole session, I didn't even feel a bite. The prawns that I throw in, after half hour later, they were still there, alive and kicking. Didn't even have bait stealer (small fishes) to kill them.

There was this bunch of chinese national just next to me. I really couldn't believe one of the guy. After every sentence he uttered, he would spit on the floor. He would say "blah blah blah..." and then "spit spit spit..." and then "blah blah blah..." and "spit spit spit...". Goodness. And again, smoke smoke and throw the butt on the floor. Actually, I wonder how the river can be so clean. Must be alot of workers doing area cleaning everyday.

While I was fishing, there was this bald headed ang moh who came to sit down and talked to me. We chatted a little and I found out that he was into fly fishing. I recommended him to go check out the CoHo shop at beach road. After a while, he said his byes byes and left.

Around 12pm, D began to feel sleepy from the medication that she took for her persistent cough. Well, ok. I packed up and proceeded home. Good experience here. I was thinking that the security would come chase me away, but it seemed that it was ok to fish. But no matter, there wasn't much fishes in this river, otherwise, you would see a long queue a long time ago.

When I left the carpark, I found that the parking costed me $6.40! Wow, not cheap at all. Must be another per entry charge when passed midnight.

Another fishless day. :(

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