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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Crabby day

Wanted to try out Marina Promenade actually, but alas, forgot the air pump. Anyway, figured that the area there would be packed. The traffic, I meant. So, detoured to Changi Village for dinner and thereafter, to get some dead bait meat. I was thinking perphaps to try out the changi carparks, the ones that I have not been to. But as I was crossing the bridge of Changi Ferry Pt Terminal to the carpark, we saw someone fishing on the bridge (as usual, there were quite a lot of people). And this fellow, he caught a KBL (seabass). Wow, seeing that, saliva dripping. I had not the good fortune to land one of these yet. So, ended up, decided to fish around the area. Not on the bridge, but on the opposite side of the ferry terminal.

Like the last time, there wasn't much people. Actually, I quite like this place. It is pleasant, clean, well lighted and best still, not much fishing people around. Across the park on the terminal side, there is a sort of a beer garden that played nice sentimental music. This, you wouldn't get it anywhere else. To have "piped-in" music while fishing. Nice.

I setup and quickly baited my hooks with dead prawn meat. After casting, barely 1 minute, I felt a bite. So, I struck hard, but upon reeling up, didn't get anything. This happened a few times. Quite strange, was my hooks too big? After a few attempts, there was one time that I struck quite hard. And well, well, well...I got a flower crab. The crab looked quite unusual as it had live barnacles on it. :)...5 minutes later, I got another one. And this one is quite big. Almost the size that you would get from the market for a flower crab. I left the 2 crabs together in the icebox, and when I next looked, the bigger crab actually attacked the smaller crab and sniped off its pinchers. Must be an angry crab.

Suddenly, the place started dizzling. Decided to pack up and tried to make a run for the car. But after packing, the rain kind of subsided. Haz, but already packed, so headed for home. Still fishless...but at least, got something.

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