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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Kranji, My Lure Graveyard

Set off to kranji for a revenge, since I didn't get anything last week.
Reaching there, there was only 1 other guy fishing, so almost had the whole place to ourselves. That is becos the weather didn't look good, looking like it was about to rain. We parked ourselves under a shelter for good measure.

I throw my newly aquired weighted float with my berkley gulp to see if any fishes will take it. From the advert, it was supposed to be made from fish food, blended into this plastic jelly like material. Few occasions, I actually saw that the tail was bitten off, so maybe it might work.

I did some luring for a while and didn't get anything again. The conditions didn't seem right. Windy, choppy waters. Not sure if I am right, but conditions like this, fishes run into deeper waters. And then the worst thing happened again. My middive got stuck in the rocks. This place had already "consumed" 4 of my lures. This looked like another casualty. Damn! I pulled left, pulled right, but it was stuck solid. In desparation, I waded into the water as the spot wasn't too far off the bank. This is the second time I had waded into a public reservoir. First was in Bedok reservoir. The place was pretty dangerous, as the rocks were extremely slippery. But thanks heavens, but a few attempts at poking at it with my rod, the lure got loosen and was recovered. Heng! After this, I decided not to risk it anymore. Decided to pack up and go.

At this point, big groups of chinese nationals came and started setting up rods _everywhere_. And smoking too. Good thing I was packing, sure wouldn't enjoy the fishing from then on.

Go back to sleep better.


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