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Friday, May 12, 2006

Small "LongKang" Fishes

Was still thinking of running down to check out Marina Promenade...but parking there is a problem. Went yishun for breakfast and got quite bit of bait. Live prawns, sorong worms, fishmeat (dunno what fish). On the way there, the traffic to CTE seemed quite heavy. Decided to make a detour and ended up in Tanah Merah Canal instead. To my surprise, there wasn't much people. Not sure if it was due to today being Vesak Day. Might be all the fishing people all buddhist. No killing for the day, I supposed.

Anyway, found a cool spot and I parked my car there. Too bad, the better spot near the canal mouth was taken up by a group of boys. So, decided just to fish at the bridge area, where the car is parked. Very convenient..and actually quite comfortable too. There was shade to hide away from the hot sun, and not much problems from insects. D also found the place quite fun as she busied herself collecting wood to make a tree house. (ambitous).

I setup 3 rods together, 1 with small sabiki hooks, 1 with size 16 sabiki hooks and 1 with size 3 hooks for floating (with live prawns). First, I concentrated on the light tackle and just get some fishes before trying others. The result not bad. Throw, 30 secs, you can feel bites. At the start, I kept getting bites, but couldn't manage to hook up anything. But lately, it got better, I started with a small Pink Ear Emperor (Leng Jiam), and caught a few more later. They seemed to like the fish meat bait that I was using. With my medium rod (better hooks), I baited with sarong worms. With that, I got some kelong chi (tigerperch) and again, some Oriental Salligo, just like the ones I caught the last time. In total, D "caught" 2, and I the rest.

Midway, as the tide was dropping, I spied a snake swimming to the sea. Wow, cool...and I quickly called D to take a picture. I had half a mind to try to foul hook it, but what would I do with a snake? Too bad the picture didn't turn out, with D's lousy photographing skill.

The floating with Live prawns no luck again. All these live prawns, so far, only got me a big catfish, that's all. Need to read up more on this rig. As I was pulling up once, I saw the small fishes attacking the prawns. Hm, like this, maybe luring would work.

Again, I was abruptly interrupted when it started dropping rain. But good thing that I was just beside the car. We quickly packed and moved off. Driving out, it really started to pour, lucky. I had a good mind to run down to Marina Promenade later in the evening, but after some shopping, it started to drizzle again. Oh well, a bit tired anyway. Headed for home.

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