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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Ribbon for Mother's Day

I finally made it to Marina Promenade today, after all the procastinations. Anyway, it was about time for dinner and the Makansutra Hawker centre was there. I had never tried it before, so today was a good time. But we were there too early and all the stalls were still yet to open. So, we walked around, enjoying the scenary of couples and students buzzing around the esplanade. It was a very young and trendy place completed with a Durian Building. I explored a little further down and saw a lone man fishing below the sea wall. Not sure what he was using, but he didn't seem to have much luck. I was tempted to run back to Marina Square carpark to grab my rod and try to do some luring. The place didn't look that bad, even though it was low tide. There was some kind of water breaker below the sea wall that enabled you to stand on to cast. But it looked very rocky, must be sangkot heaven. After walking around, and the hawker centre being not ready and all, I decided to do that and went back to the carpark to get my rod and stuff.

Tried for a little while and true enough my lure got snagged. The place was really rocky and my x-rap lure was stuck for quite a while. I though that's it. But after some pulling and jerking (and swearing), it managed to free itself and was in business again. I casted a few more times, and what did you know? It got snagged again. Jeez..but this time, no matter how I yanked and pulled, it would'nt come loose. In the end, I had to sniped off the line. [Place: 1 Lure/Me: 0] :(. Undaunted, I retied the line with my yozuri crystal minnow this time. I figured that the place could only use floating lure. Any divers would surely be a goner. My crystal minnow seemed to work without getting too low into the rocks. I used it walking up and down the water breaker trying out different spots. Few times, the Duck tour boat went past and I must had been an ususual sight for those "ang mohs" tourists.

A and D were by this time very hungry and so I ended my session when they stopped believing me about my "5 mins". May come here to try again. Parking is ok on a weekday. $2 per entry after 6pm.

After a good (BUT expensive) dinner, I drove up to changi village to do some night fishing, which was my original intention. I had wanted very much to get a decent KBL and that night before, we saw this uncle catching one. So, confirmed this place will have KBL. I got about 200 gms of prawns as I was intenting to focus on floating only. I setup one rod, rigged a float and casted away. But I realized that my floating setup was not good enough. Hmm, I then went to Changi Pro to get a decent float and light stick. (This is the good thing about fishing here. Want anything, the shop is just round the corner. Maybe can SMS and they will deliver...keke). After fixing up, the setup looked more professional. With the heavy weighted float, I could cast pretty far, quite near to the boats. The logic is that KBL is a fish that will hide along structures to ambush its prey. The bridge was the best location, but it was really packed up there and also quite narrow. I was limited to trying my luck around the boats area. But the heavy traffic of the boats coming and going was not too good for catching a fish.

After parking my rod, I would usually play around with my lures to try my luck. However, so far, it had not been very fruitful. Today should not be any exception. So, I was just casting, pulling back, casting, pulling without expecting anything when out of the blue, WHAM, something took my lure! Wow, it wasn't too heavy and I quickly managed to pull it out of the water. When I looked, there it was a longish fish that was pretty big. (for me). After some hesitation, I lifted the fish and swung it over the fence. Haha, got it. So, rounds of pictures and some of the fishing folks came over to see my prize.

The fish looked really fierce, with sharp fine teeth. It struggled hard for a while. When I tried to unhook it, I found that the hooks were deeply embedded in its throat. Any attempts to unhook it, it would struggle hard, wildy flapping its long shiny tail. I decided that it was too difficult to do it and went on to put the fish in the icebox, together with the lure. But very strange, when we next opened the icebox, the fish somehow managed to spit out the lure. *??*. But by then, it died already.

After that, no more action from anyone. And definitely no KBL. A bit disappointed, but at least I had a prize. And on lure too. :)


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