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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Fishes All Gone for Election

Quite a bad weekend. Yesterday wanted to try Changi Boardwalk but upon reaching there, packed like sardine. All people standing shoulder to shoulder. I walked one round with everyone staring and decided that the vibe was not right. Is this place really that so good? Saw someone double hooked croakers. (Just like the one I had)Actually quite hard to get to. Parking also a problem. The boardwalk distance to the sea, is not very much better than from the beach. On the way out, an old malay man asked me if I am going as he had saw me just arrived. "Yeah", I said.

And weather was bad. Rained a little when we got back in the car. Decided to move on to Api Api, my "SureCatch" location so far. No one was there, as clouds were darken and threatening to rain. But that couldn't be, I thot, as the floor was wet from an earlier rainfall. So, took my chances and setup. Weather improved a little and a big group of chinese nationals came to fish around me. They were quite irritating as some were smoking and talking very loudly. And the bells on the their rod kept ringing. That's one problem with using bells. I have since put some blue tack on mine to make it softer. It does get on other fishos' nerve. But their luck was quite good as they landed a few fishes, but I think all "ah sengs". Luck for mine was rock bottom, couldn't even get a single bite even though I was holding on to the rod. Quite unusual...Could it be something wrong with the sotong that I got? But to make things worst, it started pouring without warning. Those "run for cover even 100 m dash cannot make it" type. I had to pack in a hurry and was all soaking wet by the time we ran back to the car. The things were all wet and messy as there wasn't any time to pack up properly. Truely one of the very worst day of fishing ever. :(

Today, wanted to try somewhere new. I had not been fishing at reservoir for a long time and today, tide was not favourable. So, I decided to check out a new place at Ponggol Pond to do luring. The pond is at Ponggol Park, beside Hougang Ave 10. Upon reaching there, the place was quite nice actually, with a upmarket kind of coffee shop at one end. Despite a very hot afternoon, there were shady places along the pond to hide away from the heat. However, after staying for a while, it was clear that this was a fishless place. Saw some uncle baiting, but even they also gave up and cycled off shortly.

Tried all my lures but not even a single bite. D went to the bank to use net to scoop up some little fishes and prawn. But at the end, she only brought home 1 tiny prawn in a BIG plastic bag. We went to have some drinks to cool down and later headed for Kranji reservoir. After the little toman I caught the last time, I was hopely for some catches here today.

The whole range of my weaponary that I tried today

I think I was there from 4pm till around 6.30pm. All these time, I used up all my weaponary of lures..from cheap cheap river2sea one to very expensive Megabass one..but what would you know, not even a tiny fish. I think I felt only 1 bite attempt after casting for a few hundred times.

"Lurer" that lost to the "netter"

There was a group of ah laus using bait and managed to catch 1 (I think PB). D kept catching tiny fishes and prawns with her net. Feeling very confident, she started boasting and challenged me with her catches. She would say, "Oh, I have 17 prawns already", "Oh, I have 18 prawns already, Daddy, you zero!". "Don't use your rod lah, must use net to catch fishes". 8-|...Kena suan by her. Seeing the sun setting and daylight dimming, I decided to pack up and go. Well, a total blank this weekend. What the Fish!

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