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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Raining Cats and More Cats...

Today, being Daddy's day, I got to choose where I wanted to go. Since I had to be back early for my chat session for my course, somewhere near and convenient would have to do. So, I went back to bottle tree again to continue trying out the area. D got along her scooter and went to have fun on her own. The bench near the front was occupied and we walked deeper into the canal to get the next seat that was like 200 metres away. Some previous group of people had camped around the area, evident from all the bbq stuff and left a terrible mess, burnt bits and litter all around. Some people are just so damn inconsiderate.

A while into the fishing, there came a sudden downpour and we were all caught in the rain. Luckily A went back to the car to get umbrellas. The thing about the place here was that there wasn't any shelter for the whole stretch of the park. We hid behind the umbrellas and everything got wet. But anyway, it was ok as most of the stuff were waterproof. The rain ended about half hour later and we got back to the fishing soon enough.

This time, we kept getting small catfishes on every cast. There were some Glass Fish too, and A was fortunate enough to get a decent 1 foot Greenback Mullet. But all the fish were on the light jigging rod with sabiki hooks. Over here, easy to get. We got almost 20 cat fishes in all.

I still had no luck with my floats on my other rods. This time round, I also tried the cable car method. But after leaving the live bait on the rig, it was still alive 1 hour later, with no catches. We spied some decent foot size batty kind of fishes near the edge, but couldn't seem to get their interest in our baits.

I have improved my fishing skills to the extent that I could almost guarantee small catches. In fact, it is rather easy. Just use the sabiki hooks (very small hooks), bait with prawn meat, cast, and wait. With my slow action light tackle, most of the time, they will hook themselves. Don't even need to strike. However I still don't have much skills when comes to catching big fishes, or table size fishes near the surface for that matter. Guess more experiments would be needed.

The water kind of turn dirty once a while when the tide brought the dirty water from the canal to the sea. We saw a dead decent fish floating downstream. D also had fun catching all manner of strange looking snails.

We left the place around 6pm so that I could hurry back to join my chat session. All in all, quite a good experience, our first fishing in the rain, with the most catches. Almost giving up on the floating method. Just what could be wrong...hmmm... Now, need to get back to my assignment...*stressed*

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