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Friday, June 09, 2006

Backyard Cat

Took off today and decided to continue exploring my exploration of my backyard fishing area. Timing for tide was good, high at around 9-10pm. We got dinner and I set up near the jetty. Today was peaceful and quiet and not much people around, except for an indian chap walking around. But he was ok, kept quite a polite distance and I was not disturbed by it.

However around 7+pm, a van drove up and they ended up to be the workers in the jetty. We had to shifted our "camping" area to make way, but they were nice about it and very apologetic. I took the chance to ask if he could retrieve my line that got badly thrown and was stuck at the fence. It so happen to have rigged up my berkley peeler crab. Must be an ususal sight for him. But the funny thing was that he unravelled the line and threw it back to the sea. *sigh*. I had earlier snipped off the line and was not linked to it in anyway. Well...

Throughout the night, nothing much, but I did see my float bobbed a couple of times, although upon pulling up, nothing. I might be rigging it wrongly..might have to balance the float with more weight to offer lesser resistance to fishes grabbing the bait. Will experiment more with it. The whole session, I got a catfish (about 1 foot) and a crab, which D thot was soooo cute. We tried to keep it but it died the next day. Not sure why..

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