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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Backyard Jetty

Came back today for another attempt. Went further down the road to where the jetty is. Jetty itself is not accessible to public, can only fish beside the main entrance. But the place itself is quite spacious, only problem is that I could only cast in one direction. There was only a small area for my 9 footer to swing. A bit to the left, would hit the tree, to the right would hit the gate. At the end of the day, I expectedly did hit the tree 1 time and the gate 2 times. Rod got a little scratched. Heart Pain.

As usual, I rigged up my Gloomis with the weight float, baited with sarong and casted. So far, I have not have any hits with this method. Beginning to wonder if I had been doing the right thing. One problem with the weight float is that the line would be very slack since the float will move around. If there was any bites, I wouldn't be able to strike well. But still, so far, even the prawns were not taken. Might there be some problem with the presentation? Need to find out more about this.

For my second rod, I rigged a sabiki hooks baited with sarong. This time, I am using a mid size hooks. Not half an hour into this, I got my first bite. Interesting fish, according to A is quite good eating.

But the fishing after this went downhill. Lots of people came around and stand around me. I really don't like that. Couldn't they see that I am fishing, and maybe would be polite to stand some distance away? This area, also lots of blanga, and chinese national workers. Some have the cheek to come and touch my rod bag. I had to ask them to go away, not very politely, cos by that time, I was already annoyed. Earlier on, he was standing right in front of me when I was baiting the worms.

But today being a Sunday, this may be the usual crowd around here. Maybe compared to lots of other places, already pretty good.

When I finally packed in the evening, I had 2 small Glass Perchlet (just like yesterday's catch, and the unknown fish (later ided as Big Goby fish) and 2 small crabs.


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