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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Time in a Bottle

D wanted to blade today, and a good place would be bottle tree village. Beside it is the sungei kiri park connector, a long stretch of flat jogging track from the bottle tree village till the other end near Yishun. Although I had fished here a few times, today would be the first time during the day. As I was parking, I spotted a few people with rods walking to the area. "Die", I thot, "should crowded". But to my surprise, I was only one of 2 groups of people fishing at the canal. The other malay family was further up, nearer to the mouth of the canal, and under the hot sun.

However, there came a big group of people shortly, doing some sort of team building sort of activity. They made hell lot of noise and was all over my area where I was fishing. Luckily after about half an hour, they moved further down the canal to where the steps were to launched their man made raft. So, I had a little peace and quiet after that.

The tide was just nice, high at about 4pm. Actually, there were lots of baitfishes around here. I rigged up my light jigging rod and caught lots of Glass Perchlet and 2 Long-tail Tripodfish fish. I think total more than 10 of the Perchlet. If I tried hard enough, I could easily get a hundred or so. The place was teaming with it. 2 or 3, I used as bait...but so far, I didn't find it effective. My other 2 rods got no luck with my live prawns. But my bottom rig did sound off my bell once, but when I struck, nothing and the prawn was gone. Other than that, not much of an action. Still can't quite figure out what was wrong with my floating setup. Up till now, nothing at all, just throwing prawns into the saltwater.

I finished up the prawns and since the fishes were not effective as bait, I gave up trying. D went to blade further down but she disappeared from sight. We got worried and A went to look for her. Ended up she bladed till rather far away (about 1 km) down the park. She got a good scolding after that.

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