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Friday, June 16, 2006

What's My Line?

2 of my reels were running out of the lines due to my constant line snagging on the rocks. Had to respool the line, and I took the opportunity to do it today, having a bit of time off. Made a stock check today and these the lines that I had used so far.

Some personal review on the lines.
Okamoto Stella - Surprisingly thin for a 15 lbs line and so far served me very well. Low memory (tendency for line to coil around after being in the spool). Only gripe is that it is maroon in color. Yucks.

SureCatch Dynabriad - Supposedly the cheaper end of braided lines. Looked like army comscott line, limpy more like a green army colored string. Tendency to fray after repeated usage. Quite hard to snip with my scissors too. But so far is reliable and strong.

Duel Long Drive - thin, smooth and very fine line. Due to this, few times got tangled on my spool if keep the line tight while reeling in. When that happens, it is downright messy. But ok, never snap on me before.

Sufix Xcelon - Color is nice, but the memory for the line is quite high. Tends to coil around in circles easily. Other than that, it is quite ok.

Nikko Navis - Thick and rough line (but 35 lbs, quite expected). But it has the reputation of having a smaller diameter compared with other brands for the same poundage. Color is transparent.

Sufix Elite - Just got it. No comments yet, but fanciful tangerine orange color. I like:)

SunLine QueenStar - Just got it too. This one in flouro pink. :)) Quite ex for a mono line.

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