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Friday, August 04, 2006

Under the Boardwalk

Friday night had always been the best time, as there would be usually very little people. Had wanted to do the changi boardwalk thing, but the last attempt, went there, walked one round and came back due to extreme crowdedness. Tonight, the place was pretty empty except for a few families. At one point, I had the whole boardwalk facing the sea to myself.

The weather was very nice with a clear night sky. Slight breeze and the water was quite calm. The place itself was clean and nicely lit. Quite a romantic place, facing pulau ubin.

But the timing was a bit off, as by the time we reached there, it was heading towards low tide. It might be due to that that I didn't get any catch at all. I setup about 4 rods, 1 big game with bottom long snood rig, size 3/0 hooks on live prawns, Rapala with running sinker and size 1 hooks on live prawns, 1 light tackle on size 10 sabiki hooks on prawn meat and my contender on size 8 sabiki hooks on worms. All the effort yielded nothing at all. Towards the end, the family on my left that just came got a catfish...but that was about it. As I was packing, my light tackle got whacked by an unknown fish and the line broke cleanly. Wow. But overall, no good action.

D busied herself with a leftover crab net and she had fun playing with it and trying crabbing. I let her have a small dead prawn to use as bait. But she was quite impatient, pulling up the net every minute or so.

There was a cat around the boardwalk and quite a friendly one. It sat under our seat and A and D had fun playing with it, tying a left over chicken wing to entice it.

Around 12.30am, I packed up. It might be that the timing is wrong. From what I read, this place should be quite productive. Would try it out another day.

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