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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Pandan Canel

No serious fishing again for today as I had a forum meetup with the Pica gang. As the meetup was at Clementi, I thought of sneaking some little time to check out the pandan canal. So, we had lunch at around Clement 340+, next to the canal itself. While D was eating, I quickly setup my light rod and baited it with some sarongs that I bought earlier on at Sincere. Went down to the canal and casted. Some other group of girls were around there practising their roller blading.

But despite waiting a while, nothing. Line kept getting snagged on something below the water. Might be some debris below. Reel also starting to be quite sticky, would need to do some maintenance soon. So, gave up after a while. But visual inspection showed quite a lot of bubble rises; usually a sign of fishes. I was also thinking that I might have used the wrong bait. Water here is fresh long kang water, so it might be that these fishes were not to keen in sarong worms. Same effect at Pontong Pasir canal.

I packed up after a while and called it a day. D played a little with her playground there, and we proceeded on to our Pica meet.

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