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Friday, August 11, 2006

Sungei Api Api Night

TGIF, best time for some fishing due to lesser crowd. After work, drove to changi v for dinner and bait and proceeded to api api to try my luck again. At first thot of going to the boardwalk. Not satisfied the last time there, as it was total 0. But from the number of anglers in the tackle shop, it felt that the area there would be crowded. So, decided to head for Api Api instead. The last few times, wasn't very productive. It had been catfishes and more catfishes. But I had read from forum that there should be KBLs here. From the looks of it, it did look like a good KBL spot, being a river mouth inlet leading to a mangrove swamp. So, trying luck again in my KBL quest.

High tide was to be 12am, so reaching there around 10pm was the best timing. Tide today was very high. In all my trips here, the water level was the highest. There was a bunch of malay teens doing netcasting and fishing and they practically took the whole bridge facing the sea. Their radio was also on very loudy blaring away at some irritating music. I setup my rods and parked my rods where they were not using (even though some things were around that area). All the casting of net I thought spooked away the fishes. One time, net got stucked and Malay boy jumped into the water from the brigde! Catch wasn't good. But from the catches from the guy's net, I could see that there were lots of small silvery fish.(can't ID) No wonder my light tackle wasn't working well, as the fishes were way too small. Only 1 time, my rapala on apollo with worms rang out. I ran over, strike and it did feel like an ok catch. But to my dismay, it was only a catfish (again!). I had another catch of a puffer fish on prawn meat with my light tackle, but that was it. I also rigged up a KBL floating rig and another on apollow with live prawns. But throughout the session, no luck in getting any.

Around 12+am, the water looked great. High level, smooth current. I took out my luring rod and tried some luring. But no luck again at all. My nice rod was great to use and I could easily throw the lure about 3/4 of the river mouth. I could hear some splashes of fishes, but that was about it. I stayed till around 2am and called it a day. By then, A and D were dead sleepy.

Not a productive night, but generally, a good try. But I find it strange that there would be times when the tide is good, but no fish. This is setting me thinking...

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