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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Lucky Spot Zero

Was a really bad mood day. The plan was to go ConCourse get some birthday stuff for D. So, thot I would just wait at kallang park, do a little bit of fishing while the rest go do some shopping at concourse. But the plan was quite messed up. Anyway, I managed to get the good spot. But not much people were fishing. Weather was hot, as expected. I took refuge under the bridge. D did more cycling around with her "sweet pea" here. Tide was already down and the conditions were quite bad.

There was an uncle at the support of the bridge. Not sure how he managed to get there. I think he was using a styrofoam board to paddle over. Interesting. Someone one came to chit chat with me about whether got fish, the places he tried etc..

I stayed there around 2 hours trying with fish meat and sarongs. But nary a bite. Just small nibblings. Very much a waste of time.