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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Ferry Terminal Bridge

Tonight being a holiday eve, drove to Changi V Ferry terminal again. We went to the same bench that we were at last week, being the only available small area that was unoccupied. But to my disgust, as I was setting up, a malay guy rushed over to my side and parked his 2 rods there. I was quite annoyed at such "kiasu" behaviour. Since there was no more space, we then moved to the area nearer to the bridge. For some reason, it was empty. But then, it might be a better place here as most of the regulars fish from the bridge.

I tried out the KBL floating rig again. In fact, the rig done by Paul (the uncle last week) was still with me. I just only had to put on the float and the hooks. I setup another rod with the same setup for better chance. And as usual, light tackle went up for testing the water.

To my surprise, light tackle registered no action at all on prawns. My floater, one got stuck and after some yanking, I realized that it was caught on a rubbish line and hooks. The other floater also got stuck, but it being a 25 lbs line, I yanked it out easily and found an eel on the other end. Just a small one, about the same as the one that I caught the last time. It was deeply embedded on the circle hook. Tried as I might, I couldn't unhook the poor fellow. In the end, I cut the line and threw the eel back into the water. Not sure if it would survive.

The whole evening, it was very quiet. No one else caught anything. I decided to packed up around 12am and headed back home. Not very enjoyable fishing for the night. Till now, the KBL still eluded me.

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