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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Bridge Over Troubled Waters

Tough morning cracking my head on my homework. So, come evening, needed to get a fix. But timing was all wiry, low tide to hit around 7pm. So, no where would be good. Drove around aimlessly and then decided on impulse to try out the canel outside the Laguna Country Club. I had passed there a few times behind and had seen a few people fishing there. Under the tree, the spot looked shady and quite fishable.

So, reached there, illegal parked on the double yellow line. Got to the spot under the tree and setup. No one was here, not surprisingly, as the water level was quite low already. Already, not intending to do any serious stuff, just testing water. I got up my light tackle and used dead prawn meat.

After casting, the action seemed quite instant. But the few times I pulled, nothing came out of the water. I thought it quite strange but later figured that it was due to the quick running water and the the amount of loose debris floating through it. But I got lucky one time, and hooked up a Kelong chi. This one, was one of the larger ones that I had ever gotten. Hmm, not too bad. At least it wasn't a cat. I tried a bit of luring too, but got no results.

I stayed for about an hour or so, and the water level really became quite low. So no point staying. But as I was packing, we heard a loud splash and A said she saw a whitish fish. Wow, could that be my KBL? But no matter, another time another day.

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