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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Marina South

This was my first time fishing around here. After D's swimming lesson, i drove here to give it a go. Tide was around 1pm, and as it was expected at this time, it was darn hot. But there were some shady areas around Marina South, and it was quite ok under the trees.

Parking here was paid parking, even though it was Sunday. I put coupons for an hour, and was to be fined later for overshooting by 1/2 hour. But luckily fine was just a $6 one. But I was quite right that the attendent would be quite active.

There were already some folks there doing surf casting with long rods. Area was quite dirty with litter. I had come quite ill prepared for such a terrain. The sea wall was very rocky and abrasive and the 2 rods that I threw in for bottom with live prawns got snagged and broke off. Water was very choppy and the area near to the seawall was unlikely to have any fishes (I think). With my 7 and 8 footer, I couldn't cast far either and was just barely just a couple of 30 metres away. Hardly impactful. My pump also failed me and the bag of 100g of prawns died due to lack of oxygen.

I gave up doing baiting and started throwing out my red head lure to see if I would be lucky. But I didn't get any bites during the 1-2 hour period. Wind was also blowing against me, so casting wasn't that far. The only thing encouraging was that I saw a small todak following my red head. But that was about it.

I didn't see anyone get anything too. But from the looks of it, this spot might be productive during certain times. Mabye during the night, when the boats stop moving in and out. But it was not easy fishing terrain. Would need longer rods to fish around here.

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