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Friday, April 06, 2007

0 0 0

No. Not da Vinci code or anything. Simply 3 zero sessions in a day. Being a holiday, I had brought out my gear that morning. Seeing that tide was around 12pm, it was too late to do any seawater fishing after lunch. So, the plan was just to go to a reservior and try some luring. Thinking that it had been a while since I visited Upper Seletar Reservoir (USR), I went there around 2+pm to try it out.

The last time I was here was about a year ago when I just starting fishing. I remembered that it was the first time I was using a Surecatch baitcaster and I had spent most of the time untangling my bee hoon. I was also here that my line broke and my Yozuri popper snapped and flew off into the water. But being a floater, it was floating on the water. I had taken another lure and threw my line at it in the attempt to retreive it back. And finally, I did succeed, after like a million cast, and a nearby uncle cheered.

Well, today no luck with fishes again. Unfortunately, at that time, A didn't bring her camera. Hence no pics. From my observation, this place was quite a lousy place as well. The area is facing open water, with no cover for fishes. After about an hour, I gave up. (First 0)

I was to meet up with the PF people at Kallang KFC. Since I was quite early, I thot again to try out luring at the beach area near Oasis. Tide was low, but no matter. I was just passing time. It was good to be at the beach casting for practise. I wasn't expecting anything again. I spied a small school of small fishes swimming around, but that was about it. Totally no bites at all. Caught quite a number of plastic bags and rotting leaves. (Second 0)

After the meetup, it was already 10.30pm. I thot to finish the day with some fishing at Changi V since tide was up at 12am. Reaching there, live prawns were all sold out. Well, I bought a small pack of dead prawn to do some simple bottom. The bridge area was surprisingly empty, with only a few people fishing and doing crabbing. I managed to get the newly renovated space beside the ferry terminal. Somehow, the night felt quite strange. Usually at this time, it would be packed indeed. Anyway, I setup an apollow with size 8 hooks and baited it with prawns. But to my surprise, throughout the whole time till 1.15am, there were totally no bites at all. Not even crabs to steal the bait. This would be highly unusal as even if I couldn't get the fish, the bait should be gone. I also did some luring and again, nothing. I think this place is dead already. Probably all fishes have been caught by the frequent fishing here. Sad indeed. (Third 0)

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