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Monday, April 23, 2007

Exercise at LSR, Admiralty West

Picked D after swimming, and went to LSR for some wetting lines. But time was short as I need to meet the PF at 12pm. So, it was just a 20 mins session with my newly bought Yellow Humbug. But got nothing, as expected, given the short time. Eyes of humbug dropped out.(it got no eyes to see my lousy fishing...:P) I repaired it using the eyes of another humbug that I didn't like(Pic with the repaired eye). This Yellow one was supposed to be a PB killer.

In the evening, A wanted to make her hair, went Marsiling beachfront for some casting with Gulp! shrimps. Saw lots of bait activity, but didn't get anything too. Water was quite high, and today, was lucky not to pull up any rubbish. But actually, plentiful of small fishes. Saw some mullets swimming around. And lots of crabs swimming and making circle ripples in the water.

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