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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Car Park 5 Shrimp Hunt

Totally uninspiring trip again. Was at CV to look for my rod replacement. But couldn't find the exact model. I had brought along my light fishing pack and thought of checking if squidding here was fruitful. I had read that squids could be found near Jetties, seawalls and weedy places. This might be a good spot. However, 5 minutes into the evening, realized that I was wasting my time. Spent about half hour there with no bites and no hope. Packed and move on to Car Park 5 for another try.

Reaching there, setup my luring rod and out went my Shrimphunter again. "Hunt", I commanded. But after 20 over casts, it always came back empty. Again another bad place. I rigged up my light rod with tamban hooks and baited it with Gulp!, shrimp flavour, since I didn't have any bait with me. But it didn't work either. Not sure if due to the place or just simply that Gulp! was not as good as advertised. But at the Kelong, the fishes sure did go for it. But that was dropping the shrimp bait whole. Would experiment in future if cut pieces of it on tamban hooks would work.

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