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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Biggest Ray for the Year

I was pretty much stuck in Singapore as I only realized recently that my passport had less than 6 months validity after this Friday. So, all plans for kelong escapade was dashed. To console myself, I decided to try out Secret Spot again. The last attempt with Andrew and Elyn was quite promising. I tied some rigs with small hooks and came down after popping by CV for live prawns and dead fish meat.

On the way, saw a dog lying on the mud. Hmm, some kind of spa treatment. Seeing my car approaching, it stood up and walk away. Missed the shot of him inside the mud.

I rigged up 2 rods, lemax and light tackle. But light tackle didn't seem to work well again. I was suspecting that it could be my rod then. Might be my light action was not good for setting of small hooks. But not all was lost and I managed my first with a small wrasse.

Lemax on live prawns was having quite bit of action. I had a bell on and quite frequently, there would be sudden spurts of ringing indicating a bite. But prawns were either coming back headless or missing. However one time, I got lucky. I had thot as first that I hit a snag...and left the rod to handle my light tackle. But all of sudden, the rod took a dip and there was a strong pull. I picked up the rod and stuck and I was on to something big. It would peel my lines off the reel left and right. The rod was bending a nice parabolic and the fight was good. After 5 minutes, I managed to pull the fish up to the surface. I was hoping for a KBL, but to my surprise, it was a ray. This was to be my biggest yet, and it was quite a good fight. Seeing that the ray was quite big, I tried to pull it over to the sea wall to lift it up. Luckily I did that as while the ray was on the rocky incline, the line snapped at the swivel. (poor knotting skills) But the ray was safely landed.

Thereafter, I got a flathead and then some spangled emperors. Seeing the darkening sky, I packed and headed for CV for dinner. Very promising place, and the best was that there wasn't anyone else. I was tempted to come back here the next morning for another round. Hopefully, I would be able to get my KBL for the year by tomorrow, being the last day of the year 2006.

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