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Friday, December 22, 2006

Trip to Kong Kong

I had a day leave and I popped over to Malaysia for a recce. I also brought along my light setup just in case. I happened to be near to Kong Kong and so did a why not and drove there to see if I could remember the route there. Actually, it was quite easy as the road signs were clear enough. So, in no time, I reached Kong Kong.

The place was a mere shadow of its previous self. Used to be that it was rather popular haunt for seafood and all. But this morning, it was rather quiet and we were only the few people around. I asked if it was ok to fish around the jetty and it seemed ok to do that. In fact, there was an uncle with her granddaughter fishing near the chicken coop. Saw a few Scat which they caught.

I was tempted and setup my light rod. But unfortunately, I only had ready made surecatch apollo rigs. I thought it was due to that I didn't have much luck. Actually, I had a lot of bites, but everytime failed to hook up the fish. There was once that I had a strong take but failed to hook up. Only once did I managed and I thought my theory was quite correct as the fish was not pierced throught the mouth at all. Probably a combination of my light slow action rod and lousy hooks.

It started to rain a little and we packed up and proceeded on to Jusco for our lunch. On the way out, spied these bunch of fierce protective geese. I might come back to retry again.

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