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Sunday, January 21, 2001

TUTORIAL[21]: Identifying your fish

To improve your fish identification skills, look here.

Handline fishing

It is important to learn about dangerous sea creatures. Rule of thumb is: if not sure, do not touch with your hands.

Some fishes never to touch. Use a plier instead.

1. Catfishes. They have 3 poisonous spines. Top fin and the 2 by the sides

2. Jelly fishes. (poisonous stings)

3. Stonefish/Scorpian fish (poisonous spines). In general, ugly looking fishes, don't touch

4. Eels (bite)

5. Toadfishes (bite)

6. Queenfish, Scats, Rabbit fishes (poisonous spines)

7. Stingray (poisonous barb at the end of the tail)

8. Any sea snakes (bite/poisonous)

9. Barracuda, Spanish mackeral, todaks (Super sharp teeths)

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