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Monday, January 01, 2001

TUTORIAL[0]: Index

Welcome to this new hobby. Since you are here, I assume that you have just started hobby as a past time.

This tutorial focuses more on catching fishes from the sea. For fresh water fishing, while there are many similarities, the choice of baits and fishing rig may be different.

I assume that folks reading this do not any knowledge of fishing, and only give enough to get them started. It was just 2 years back that I was a total newbie, hence I can relate to people who are just starting to fish. Fishing folks uses many jargons, and I shall try to use simple english as much as possible.

Fishing is a life long hobby, and there are many things to learn along the way. Fishing also has it many specialities like jigging, popping, luring etc which cannot be conveyed in this small tutorial.

It is my hope that you find this useful to you. And as they always say, tight lines.

If you have any queries, you can contact me at

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