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Monday, January 22, 2001

TUTORIAL[22]: Keeping your catch fresh

After getting your fish, to maintain the freshness, keep it in the icebox immediately. Also, as much as possible, avoid letting it to touch the ice water. Fish meat will degenerate the moment it gets into contact with fresh water. Use a plastic bag to keep it separate from the ice box contents. Once home, put it in the freezer asap.

To store it for long term, use a newspaper to wrap it up before putting into the freezer. This is to allow the newspaper to absorb the moisture away from the fish. Do the same for squids. Never wash them with fresh water.

Some books avocate bleeding the fish to maintain freshness. This is because fish blood will release some kind of enzyme to give fish its fishy smell. However, for small catches, I don't think it is very necessary.

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