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Thursday, January 18, 2001

TUTORIAL[18]: Fishing strategy

Fishing is not about waiting for hours in a stationary position, and if there are no bites, pack up and blame it on the spot and on the weather.

It has been said that 20% of fishing folks catch 80% of the fishes. I think this is largely true to a great extent. There had been times that I was catching nothing and some guy who totally knows his technique was outfishing me 10 to 1, easily.

So, what should you be thinking of while fishing?

To fish, one has to be constantly thinking about why the fishes are not biting. If there are not bites, try something else. Fishing is a statistical activity. To be a successful at catching fish, try always to improve your odds.

Also, be observant of the activities at the surrounding. See if you can see any bait fishes rippling in the sea. If you are doing fresh water, look for bubbles on the surface. Bubbles are indicative of Tomans. Look for signs of birds feeding on the water. Like you, they are fishing too.

Some things to try.
1. Casting at another location
Look for structures. Fishes like humans, like to hide under some form of "protection". Fishes also like to gather around openings of water flow eg. The mouth of a river bank. Or places where there underground hill in the water.

2. Change hook size. Downgrade the hook size until something bites. The smaller the hook, the more choices of fishes that you can get. A small hook can also get a big fish, if you are lucky. BUT a big hook cannot get a small fish.

3. Change your leader (transparent line). The leader may be too thick and fishes are spooked by it.

4. Change your rig. (maybe to a float?)

5. Consider using another bait.

6. Try the lines at different water levels.

7. If you are jigging or luring, try it at different speeds.

8. Drag the weight along on a slow retrieve back. This way, you cover more potential areas that might contain fishes.

9. Try different forms of fishing. (eg. change to luring, or jigging).

10. Change your fishing spot altogether.

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