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Saturday, January 13, 2001

TUTORIAL[13]: Selecting your bait

There are many different kinds of baits. Below is a common list. For normal fishing, prawn meat is more than good enough. Prawn meat is a general favorite of many fishes, a kind of wonder food. However, do not use prawn meat from NTUC. The storage method does not keep the meat fresh, and it is most likely to just attract cat fishes.

1. Worms

There are many variety of worms. However, one got get the following from tackleshops.

a. Sarong worms - encrusted in a tube. Careful when handling them, they bite. One newspaper wrapping for $2.

b. Beach worms - long and thin, dug from beach sand. Non biting. One tub for $3.50

c. Wat wat. - fat and juicy. Very bloody. Non biting, but do not get the blood on you. Hard to wash off. One tub for $3.50

2. Prawn meat (dead)

One pack for $2

3. Sotong (dead)

One pack for $2.

4. Kelong sotong (dead). Considered to be better than regular sotong.

One pack for $5.

5. Fish meat. (dead)

Various kinds of dead fishes.

One pack for $2.

6. Live prawns

A hundred gram for $3.50

7. Live mullets

$0.60 per fish

8. Live milkfish

$0.60 per fish

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