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Wednesday, January 17, 2001

TUTORIAL[17]: How to cast?

To cast a spinning outfit:

1. Reel up the line until the swivel is about a ruler length from the tip.

2. Turn the spool with your left hand until the bail arm is facing outwards to the left. Adjust with your left hand.

3. With the right hand, grip the line onto the rod, just above the reel.

4. Turn the rod directly to the back of you, with the reel facing upwards to the sky. With the line hanging from the rod tip (do not touch the ground), look ahead sweep an arc over your head. When the rod is facing front about 45 degrees, let go of the line from the rod. If done properly, the line will be shooting out directly away from you.

5. Let the weight pull the line out until it hits water.Once the line is in the water, let it sink all the way down. (You can see the line would stop coming out of the reel when that happens.

6. Close the bail arm, and reel in the slack.

To cast a baitcasting outfit:

1. let the line hang from the rod tip freely with all the load ie. rig and weight or lure.

2. Adjust the round knob (spool tension) to let the line drop slowly which you give the rod a slight jerk.

3. Adjust your brake to allow the line to spool when a force is exerted.

4. Done.

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