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Monday, January 08, 2001

TUTORIAL[8]: About Floats

Floats also come in different size. The bigger it is, the further you can throw. Some has a small plastic tubing where you can insert a cylum stick. Ask for a matching size cylum stick from the shop.

However, do not use too big a float as it tends to spook (scare away) the fishes. Rule of thumb, the smaller the better.

To tie a float rig is fairly straight forward.

1. Mainline goes to the top ring of the float.

2. Cut a 1m long (one arm length) leader. Adjust the length of the leader to reach the best depth for the fish that you want. There are float stoppers to do just that.

3. Tie a surgeon knot on one end. This goes to the float.

4. Snell a hook on the other end.

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