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Tuesday, January 16, 2001

TUTORIAL[16]: Setting up your gear at the fishing spot

When you are all set and arrive at the spot, first thing to do is to setup.

1. join the 2 piece rod together. Line up the guide and lock the pieces firmly with a slight twist.

2. put the reel into the reel seat. (tighten the reel seat firmly, so that the reel does not rock around when you spin the handles).

3. Open the bail, and pull out the lines and thread it through the guides.

4. Leave a decent line extending from the tip.

5. Tie a triple surgeon knot to form a loop.

6. Thread a swivel onto the loop.

7. Tie or unravel the ready made rig.

8. Join one end the swivel, the other end to the weights.

9. Adjust your drag (pull the line, a strong pull should release some lines).

10. Put bait on hooks and you are done.

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